airport information
PARTIZANSKE - Slovak republic
ELEV183m / 600ft
destinationPartizanske / Male Bielice
character of airportPublic, domestic, for general aeroplanes
operatorSNA - Aeroklub Partizanske
airport reference point48°37'11" N -18°19'52" E
location3,5km, GEO 260° from center of city Partizanske
TWR123.5 MHz
transition altitudeNIL
magnetic variationnot avaiable
Zone AFISAFIS zone map
RWY07 / 25 (074°/254°MAG)
dimensions1100 x 100 m
strength6000 kg / 0.4 MPa
slopeSlope along RWY 07 rise average 0.26 % at length 1100m.
detailed map
Airport sketch
operational hoursOCT-MAR: SAT-SUN: 0900-1300 LT
APR-SEP: SAT-SUN: 0800-1600 LT
Outside these HR O/R 24 HR PN.
air traffic local limitations
  1. Air traffic only VFR, day. Types of ACFT up to 5700 kg.
  2. For take-off and landing from RWY 25R/07L the aerodrome traffic circuits shall be executed to N. For non-power driven operations from RWY25L/07R the aerodrome traffic circuits shall be executed to S.
  3. Information about this airport is actualized by NOTAMs 1. class. Pilots shall inform before every flight by telephone about actual airport conditions.
  4. Arrivals of flights are coordinated with AFIS. In case of not established radio contact with AFIS, make arrival above airport at ALT 500m/ 1640ft and perform landing. Departure lines are not specified.
meteorological serviceNIL
fuelsBL - 78 oct.
oilsShell ASO - 100
fuel pumps and limitationsFuel is avaiable during operational hours, underground tank (1 x 20 000 l)
hangar space for others aeroplanesNIL
repair facilitiesNIL
fire fighting categoryCAT 2
boardhealth-resort company PASINVEST a.s. 100 m from airport.
accommodationin airport for 18 person, in city Partizanske Hotel Spolocensky dom, spa beside airport - at previous order.
transportBus link No.1, station spa M.Bielice (airport)
train: station M.Bielice
health serviceNsP Partizanske tel. 7492201, 7492202
addressAeroklub Partizánske
airport Malé Bielice
958 04 Partizánske
machinery for cargo loadingNIL
telephone / fax++421 38 7492750
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last modification 4.11.2003